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Thriving on inconsistencies

You need this panda in your life

Your life can be full of things that keep you distracted, busy, and occupied. No problem, we all need to work to earn a living. So when you’re at school or at the office and you have a minute to spare to escape from it all, you can turn to the internet. ENTERTAIN ME! That’s […]

Far Cry 3: Seriously Awesome!

It’s the third game of the franchise. I must say I haven’t played the first one but I’ve put a fair amount of hours in Far Cry 2 and now Far Cry 3. Far Cry 2 is a very good game but the third game really takes the cake and deserves all the awards and […]

New Series: Ralph Plays Minecraft

If you’ve read my last post (link) then you shouldn’t be very surprised at this news. I’ve started my own web series playing Minecraft! Probably most of the videos I will do by myself, doing single player survival or working on my crazy city build while blabbering on about relevant and irrelevant things alike. On […]

Going Nuts for Minecraft

Minecraft is the ultimate success story for indie game developers. It hasn’t even been released yet as a full game and already the creator has become a millionaire from sales of alpha and beta versions. Minecraft doesn’t have a story line. Minecraft doesn’t have action packed missions or strategy game-play. Minecraft doesn’t have photo-realistic graphics. […]

Google’s New Look and Google+

You’ve probably noticed that on nearly all Google pages, the bar along the top is now black or dark gray. This is just the beginning of a complete makeover that Google is going through. On search results pages you’ll see that the stuff in the side bar is revamped and if you use Google Calendar […]

Awesome marriage between Dropbox and uTorrent

There is a simple little thing you can do with Dropbox and uTorrent that makes everything just a tiny bit cooler. It’s really a small thing but easily outweighs itself in awesomeness. In summary, it’s telling uTorrent to automatically load torrent files from a Dropbox folder. This will allow you to remotely add files to […]

Bullshit Alert: Facebook Abuse Department

A recent threat that’s going around is targeting the biggest group on the internet: Facebook users. You get an email from the Facebook Abuse Department with the subject line “Spam from your account” (which is so ironic- a spam email accusing you of spamming). Please don’t open/download/sneak a peak at the attachment unless you are […]

Royal Wedding: The Invite List

There’s an enormous amount of buzz around the internet and TV concerning the upcoming wedding ceremony between Bill and Kate. What? You don’t like being called “Bill” in the UK? Anyway, my personal opinion in all of this is that it’s over-hyped and I think it’s just as newsworthy as when a movie star steps […]

Remove Crap from a rooted Android phone

I read this article this morning on Lifehacker and thought it was worth re-posting. In retrospect it is so simple but, God, I’m thankful that I found this- hence the pass-it-forward. As you may have deducted from the title you’ll need to root your Android phone. Actually, as a standard rule, you should root your […]

Movie that rocked: Mongol

Every once in a while a movie comes around that takes a guy that’s typically the bad guy and turns him into the main character/good guy. I’m using “good guy” loosely, I’m meaning that it’s the character in the movie that the audience feels for. Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan does this with… what’s […]