fickle gods

Thriving on inconsistencies


Thank you for taking an interest in fickle gods, and taking the time to learn what the background story is. Fickle gods first came into existance because I thought it was a cool sounding name and slightly under the influence, decided to register the domain name. After having it sit around for a while, I finally got off my ass and started making something of it. That’s actually not completely true, I downloaded gimp, and started making logos for it. That kinda worked like an inspiration.

the look

I tried to keep it very simple this time. Contrary to most websites I’ve done in the past, this one doesn’t have all the content in visible containers; meaning I haven’t enclosed everything in lines. I’ve also decided to go very simplistic with the color scheme. Previous versions of ficklegods had some red (which you can still see in the logo), but now it’s just white and grey on black. I hope that somehow this will help me focus on other aspects of design, such as… um, I can’t think of any at the moment.

update: I’ve included a couple of lines here and there with the latest update, but I’ve tried to keep it simple. The logo is also replaced with an all-white (no more red) color scheme. I hope you like it! (10.02.2011)

the author

The author’s me. I’ll post other people’s content every once in a while, but I’ll be sure to give credit where credit’s due.