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Windows 7 Release Candidate in May

Word on the street has it that the release candidate for Windows 7 will be up for download to the public near the end of May. This is a month later than some of us expected in April. The release candidate will be the closest thing to the final version, fixing most or all of […]

Easily Changing Windows 7’s Login Screen

Rumors have been going around and I’ve done my research. As of build 7057 (I’ve already upgraded before testing this), you can easily change the background of the log-in screen. Many people have commented that the current background is quite ugly, and if you’re one to agree, then in these 2 easy steps we’ll fix […]

WMD: Weapon of Mosquito Destruction

Imagine it crawling through the desert wasteland. The wheels crush beneath it the remnants of human skeletons which turn to dust under the weight of this killing machine. Fully automated, armed with high intensity heat lasers, it slowly rumbles on. Suddenly the senors pick up a new target. The gun-turret turns and the lasers blast […]

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Unleashed

You can download Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now. Upgrading from beta 2 is seamless, and most (not all) of your extensions will work. I uninstalled beta 2 after making a backup of all my stuff with MozBackup, but found that when I installed beta 3 I didn’t need to restore anything as the settings, passwords, […]

Windows 7 RC due in April

Windows 7 has been an absolute pleasure to use for the past couple of months. I’m one of that posse who downloaded Windows 7 beta, agreeing to the terms that I would not try anything serious with this operating system. I haven’t opted for my ‘primary’ (read: XP) operating system for months now, and I […]