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Thriving on inconsistencies

Royal Wedding: The Invite List

There’s an enormous amount of buzz around the internet and TV concerning the upcoming wedding ceremony between Bill and Kate. What? You don’t like being called “Bill” in the UK? Anyway, my personal opinion in all of this is that it’s over-hyped and I think it’s just as newsworthy as when a movie star steps […]

Red Shirt Rampage

Right around the time when the Thais usually party for 3 to 4 days while drenching each other in the water festival of Songkran, the UDD (United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship) caused a great ruckus in Bangkok and other regions of Thailand. It should be noted that generally these red-shirts, as they are commonly […]

North Korea Flexes, World Flinches

As I’m typing this, reports are coming in that North Korea’s rocket is being fueled up for a launch some time between the fourth and eighth of April. Kim Jong Il is claiming it’s simply a commercial satellite so they can finally get some HBO in their backwater country, but the rest of the world […]

Obama Trying Hard to be Different

I’m actually not a big follower of politics, and who knows how filtered the news is when it actually reaches me way out in the darkest corner of the world known as Asia. It’s actually not that dark here, but if you’re in America right when you’re reading this, then it will be dark here. […]