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New Series: Ralph Plays Minecraft

If you’ve read my last post (link) then you shouldn’t be very surprised at this news. I’ve started my own web series playing Minecraft! Probably most of the videos I will do by myself, doing single player survival or working on my crazy city build while blabbering on about relevant and irrelevant things alike. On occasion though, I will have friends joining me and I’ll record some multi-player fun.

At the time of writing this, I’ve got a little over 10 episodes online right now and I think my momentum is just starting to pick up! I’m slowly learning how to get better sound and video quality- mostly through trial and error- and I’m getting more confident in the talking and just being myself while playing a computer game. That last thing is not as easy as it sounds; I still get the “What?!? I sound like that?” after every recording I do. You know what I’m talking about!

So if you’ve got some spare time, give these videos a go. I’d highly appreciate any feedback and if you like them, click the like button! That’s why they put them there after all.

Ralph Plays Minecraft – Youtube

Ralph plays Minecraft Series Cover