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Fast & Furious – Mexico Thrift

The latest of the quick and angry has taken a step back from Tokyo and all it’s schoolgirl glory, and put us back into the embrace of burly Diesel. The main plot revolves around Vin’s character Dom going for revenge for his girl’s murder and that white guy cop going after the same dude ’cause he’s FBI and that dude is a drug trafficker. There are a couple of good car action scenes- you’ll get your fair share of crashes and stunts, but you can’t help but walk away with the feeling that Vinny’s just trying so hard to be cool! It’s like he’s just too cool to have fun!

I don’t know whether it’s the writers that did this, or Vin himself, but it wasn’t necessary. He already has a huge fan base; I know a couple of short bald guys who work out a lot and never smile. I thought all this Riddick and F&F original already put him on the cool pedestal. Why all this effort, and then letting the final product- the movie- take the hit for it?

How about that white cop guy, shit, what’s his name again? Paul Walker. He’s not as good at it as Vin, but he’s also trying hard to do some stick-in-the-ass acting. If it weren’t for the girls in minimal clothing (and that one girl-on-girl kiss), and the cars, Walker and Diesel would’ve looked real dumb together chasing Mexicans into America.