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Remove Crap from a rooted Android phone

I read this article this morning on Lifehacker and thought it was worth re-posting. In retrospect it is so simple but, God, I’m thankful that I found this- hence the pass-it-forward. As you may have deducted from the title you’ll need to root your Android phone. Actually, as a standard rule, you should root your Android phone, period. And unlock the bootloader while you’re at it. The how-to and benefits of all that will end up in a later article. I recommend doing a backup of your phone before you go around deleting stuff. You know, because you can’t undo any of this. Let’s begin.

This basically involves running Linux commands via the terminal emulator. Don’t let these big words scare you away, it’s only a couple of really short lines. For this example we will get rid of the Twitter app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones these days. If you’re familiar with Fickle Gods you’ll know I personally prefer another Twitter client.

Start by typing su and hit enter to get superuser permissions. Continue by navigating to the directory where Twitter is stored by typing cd followed by the directory, in most cases cd /data/app

To check if you’re in the right directory, type ls to get a listing of the contents. Scroll through it to find Twitter, it’ll have something like or in my case it was, just remember that bit for the next step.

Now our final step is to delete the shit out of it with the following line: rm -rf


Don’t ask me about the specifics of what each of the commands do, just believe me that it works! Just enter in ls again to check that it’s gone and that’s it!

One of the benefits I enjoy with Twitter out of the way is that my “share” popup list was getting a little long and parts would nearly disappear of screen.

Source: Lifehacker