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Windows 7 Screenshot Tour

Just 2-3 weeks until Microsoft’s servers will have their bandwidth capacities tested for the second time as they release their official release candidate build of Windows 7. It’s been a few months now with round about 1 million people (probably loads more) are running pre-release versions of Win7, and much has been said for and against it. Now I’m not trying to spark a flame war. I’ve seen them happen at so many other sites (who, just like me, mentioned that they’d rather not have them too), so I’ll try to stay objective.

Windows 7 is fucking awesome though…

Just a little background on myself. I’m a Vista-Skipper (means I’m jumping from XP straight to Win7), and at the time of running XP I’d tweak the machine trying to maximize performance. That meant having it in Windows 95 mode- you know: performance options; adjust for best performance…

Then I saw how dirt cheap RAM memory was, and quadrupled my old laptop’s previous capacity. I also downloaded the beta for Windows 7 and liked it.

Mind you- I still won’t run desktop gadgets…

Here’s a quick screen shot tour of stuff I though was worth print-screening.