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Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 First Look

This morning Mozilla officially released the first beta for Firefox 3.6. Man! It’s quick! It’s that quicky responsive feeling like you get in chrome. Very nice.

After I installed this version of Firefox, the first thing I noticed was ALL my extensions were incompatible. This reminded me how much I actually depend on them- my super mouse gestures, Greasemonkey, and Ubiquity. Besides a significant speed boost here are the following things you’ll notice are new.

In windows 7 you’ve seen how IE8 does the tab previews in the task-bar. Firefox has that too now. It’s a little buggy, and you can easily turn it off in the about:config (like everything). Also, when you CRTL+TAB to switch tabs, you get windows 7-like previews. Very nice, but still, it’s stuff I didn’t need in the past, and I don’t see it as an improvement- just extra features.

The parts I do like is that you can now get rid of the menu bar without addons. Hello screen real-estate!!! Personas are now also built in, so you can pick skins for your browser without any addon.

Speaking of addons, you can easily get them all to work again without any problems using the “addon compatibility checker“. Basically it’s a little addon that enables the addons even if they don’t state to be compatible so you can see if they’ll work or not. So far, everything works fine for me.

How are your experiences using this snappy new firefox beta? Let me know in the comments.