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Twitter for Android Updates to 2.0

And, do I care? Not really.

I must admit that I still need to try it out, but the original Twitter for Android has left quite a bad aftertaste. Syncing with your contact list was buggy. The UI was counter-intuitive. Opening up the app didn’t send you to your timeline (this new version apparently does), and it doesn’t save your place in your timeline.

I’ve been using Tweetdeck for a while now and before that Touiteur (what’s their new name now?). Tweetdeck is a very solid twitter app because without having to dish out for paid versions you can take advantage of a bunch of much needed options. For instance, the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts is a must have for anyone with, well, multiple Twitter accounts. You can compose your Tweet and pick one or more accounts that you want to post to. Not only that, but you can also add your Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz accounts.

So Tweetdeck just became an all in one solutions for mobile updates with support for conversation views, picture uploads, column adding and editing and rudimentary functionality like replying and retweeting.And don’t forget, you can use a Tweetdeck account to synchronize all of this with other Tweetdeck apps on your desktop or as a web app in Chrome.

In short, I probably won’t switch away from Tweetdeck to the default Twitter app anytime soon. If you’ve got your favorite Twitter client on your mobile device, don’t be afraid to be heard in the comments below.