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1 Super Feature in the New Facebook Pages

Facebook has just upgraded their pages layout and system to catch up with the recently rolled out profile layouts. You now have your recent photos along the top, the wall/info/photos/links/etc bit is now on the left-hand side underneath the picture- exactly like regular people pages. All of this will surely kick up a little shitstorm among those who are allergic to change, but there is one killer feature which is pretty easily overlooked: as admin you can post as yourself or be the page.

It is very easy to understand; it’s the explaining bit I might fuck up a little. Basically, in the past if you administered a Facebook page and you posted something on said page, it would always be posted under the page’s name. This meant that if you had a couple of admins posting and replying on a page it would appear as the page having a conversation with itself. And if you wondered away from your page you would be you again when you posted or liked anything.

Now is the future, or something.

Now you can switch between being you and being your page! That’s the simplest way of putting it. There’s one toggle I recommend so that it’ll be more straightforward in the future.

1. On your page, click on Edit Page on the top right.
2. On the following screen, pick Your Settings from the menu on the left.
3. Uncheck the checkbox next to Posting Preferences.

What this means is that you can post as yourself on a page of which you are an admin. In my opinion this is already a winner, but it gets even better. Click Account on the very top right of Facebook and select Use Facebook as page. This is quite self-explanatory, but I’ll iterate nonetheless. With this feature you can go to other pages and post comments and “like” as a page, not yourself. Now pages can interact with other pages! This opens up many new possibilities.

When you’re done, be sure to switch back to yourself by clicking Account as before and picking the switch back option.

I guess that lots of people don’t use pages and many don’t even understand the difference between a “page” and a “profile”, but for those who know and use pages, this is good stuff!

Have your own experiences? You like or not? Let’s hear about it in the comments below.