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Thriving on inconsistencies

Happy Birthday

Today is the eleventh of March, and it’s the evening when I’ve felt that is in good-enough-a-state to go live. Everything on the website right now works -fingers crossed- and I’m ready to start adding content.

I will include more of the background story and miscellaneous details in the about section you’ll find on the left, but here I’ll go for a more informal introduction. I’m Ralph, the dude who did This website is a little different. I’ve gone for less foreign content as far as the stories, but for more freedom for visitors to comment on said stories.

Let me introduce the topics that you see on the left. home is quite straight forward; you’ll find the latest content posted here. The next four topics are for the stories, or articles or Ramblings… call them what you want. insanity is kind of like a “whatever” category, something that holds everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere. politics should be quite interesting. I’m going to try to understand some of it myself first, then put it in lame-man’s terms, then try to make it a bit funny/interesting. infotech is for computer related stuff. I’m a bit on the com-nerd side, so I’ll end up doing some of them tutorials and whatnot. Finally entertainment is for movies, music, or other hollywoodish muck.

Images is for images. As I’m typing this up now, it’s not available yet, but I’ll get to work on it next time I have time.

About is what I mentioned about 3 paragraphs up.

Now, please enjoy, and feel free to comment wherever and whenever you like!