fickle gods

Thriving on inconsistencies Make-Over has just moved the design version into the third iteration. Graphics have improved with the help of great software from adobe’s CS4 and the underlying coding has been streamlined, cleaned up and made more efficient.

One of the first things we’ll notice is the “floating” navigation bar. It’ll stay in your view giving you quick access to the search and main navigation throughout the entire time you’re on the site. If you’re not in an ancient web browser, you’ll also notice a slight transparency when you scroll it over other content. It’s not amazing, but a nice little touch if you ask me.

Many of the improvements are targeted towards registered users. Commenting on Ramblings and the walls has been improved. The box where you type is now a little bigger without having to choose the “second option that’s a little slower”. Members will also benefit from a complete revamp of the internal messaging system, making it faster and easier to manage through asynchronous page requests (that’s what that little loading circle means).

Another feature which will probably be under-hyped is that you can keep track of the comments on a certain Rambling by subscribing to that particular RSS feed. If a good conversation is happening in the comments then this will be of great help.

There are many other changes throughout the site, but what better way for you to discover them then letting you loose on the site itself! Head on over to and check it out! You’re welcome to register as a member if you aren’t one already or you can leave comments here.