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Royal Wedding: The Invite List

There’s an enormous amount of buzz around the internet and TV concerning the upcoming wedding ceremony between Bill and Kate. What? You don’t like being called “Bill” in the UK? Anyway, my personal opinion in all of this is that it’s over-hyped and I think it’s just as newsworthy as when a movie star steps out of a sports car sans underwear.

Nevertheless, there’s still the occasional bit that’s blog-worthy, such as the invitation or attendance list to the Royal Wedding ceremony. I think it’s a bit interesting that an ex-Spice Girl is on the list, but 2 ex-prime ministers aren’t. I thought with these weddings you just sent out invitations to be polite even if you expected certain people not to make it. They’ve invited England’s current PM but not the blackest president of America ever!

Like I said earlier, I can’t really move myself to give damn. What I do like is yesterday on the BBC the Kenyan representative must’ve just triples Kenya’s tourism industry by explaining how William and Kate decided to get engaged on a super romantic mountain in Kenya. Score!