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Obama Trying Hard to be Different

I’m actually not a big follower of politics, and who knows how filtered the news is when it actually reaches me way out in the darkest corner of the world known as Asia. It’s actually not that dark here, but if you’re in America right when you’re reading this, then it will be dark here. Right now, as I’m typing, it’s dark in America.

Anyway. International news is constantly filled and cluttered with American news. Sure we’ll let America be a big and powerful country, but hog the news too?!?

So Mr. President. B. Obama is revolutionizing the government of the USA. It’s seems it’s one ‘verbal slap’ (directly quoted from CNN: “Obama aide takes verbal slap at Cheney “) after another. When I read that, I immediately thought of the old Batman series where each punch was accompanied by large on-screen word art: POW!!!, SMUNKH!!! It must have been hard for them to stay creative.

So Obama “SLAPPP!!”-ed Cheney, one of this dudes sort of says sorry, and they decide to get back to all seriousness. Terrorism. Terrorism is quite popular in America, now that they’ve “updated” their definition. It’s basically anyone who doesn’t fully agree with America’s government. Could be you… could be me… and they retain full right to torture us like mad!

Oh no, not anymore. Thanks Mr. Obama!