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North Korea Flexes, World Flinches

As I’m typing this, reports are coming in that North Korea’s rocket is being fueled up for a launch some time between the fourth and eighth of April. Kim Jong Il is claiming it’s simply a commercial satellite so they can finally get some HBO in their backwater country, but the rest of the world is getting ready to shoot that shit straight out of the sky. America has moved special battleships into place. The type of ship made especially for shooting rockets out of the sky in mid flight. Japan has its coastline dotted with anti-missile missiles to shoot down any “debris” if it happens to float into Japanese airspace.

The world always gets a bit nervous when a less-developed country like North Korea is testing something that could be a weapon. Everybody was getting itchy when they were building nuclear power plants in the Middle-East. North Korea also has a bad-rep after some bomb test a few years back that could have been nuclear but probably wasn’t after all. The Western world is suspecting North Korea or secretly building long range ballistic missiles capable of targeting Hawaii or Alaska.

Personally, I believe we’re giving Mr. Jong Il too much credit once again. I mean, we’ve all seen the flick “Team America” right? It accurately portrays North Korea for what it is: a skinny kid with a big mouth yelling something along the lines of my-dad-can-beat-your-mom-up or whatever…