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Red Shirt Rampage

Right around the time when the Thais usually party for 3 to 4 days while drenching each other in the water festival of Songkran, the UDD (United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship) caused a great ruckus in Bangkok and other regions of Thailand. It should be noted that generally these red-shirts, as they are commonly known, are the bad guys receiving payments from an ex-dictator seeking to destroy the country.

The red-shirts have blocked several important inter-city roads and in Bangkok they turned to vandalism and set some public transportation on fire. Ironically, while they stopped many people from traveling, they also kept other red-shirts from reaching protest spots. All the while, former prime minister Thaksin is phoning in encouraging the Thai people to fight for justice while he keeps avoiding prosecution and fleeing from country to country.

Thaksin and other red-shirts are upsetting many people, especially when they stormed the beach resort in Pattaya where the ASEAN summit was being held. This forced the summit to be canceled and a state of emergency to be declared while leaders from visiting countries where flown out by helicopter.

It’s really a sad sight what is happening to this beautiful country.