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Sandbox a directory using php.ini

There can be any number of reasons you would want to “Sandbox” a directory on your web server. If you’re hosting multiple websites you would want to make sure that any problems with one wouldn’t affect any of the others, or if you have an interactive part of your website where users are allowed to […]

Dropbox: 5 Things You Should Know

Dropbox is an incredibly useful utility for synchronizing, backing up, and sharing files between your computers, friends, and coworkers. Whether you run multiple computers or just a single machine, there are a ton of uses for Dropbox, making it a necessity for any computer user. Here are 5 things you should know about Dropbox. 1. […]

The Earth is Melting, Signs of global Warming

Say what you want but it’s getting hotter and it’s our fault. We’re driving around in cars and flying around in planes. We’re running refrigerators and air conditioners and erupting volcanoes left and right. Alright, we can’t really take credit for volcano eruptions, but all that other stuff is sort of within our grasp.  I […]

1 Super Feature in the New Facebook Pages

Facebook has just upgraded their pages layout and system to catch up with the recently rolled out profile layouts. You now have your recent photos along the top, the wall/info/photos/links/etc bit is now on the left-hand side underneath the picture- exactly like regular people pages. All of this will surely kick up a little shitstorm […]

Twitter for Android Updates to 2.0

And, do I care? Not really. I must admit that I still need to try it out, but the original Twitter for Android has left quite a bad aftertaste. Syncing with your contact list was buggy. The UI was counter-intuitive. Opening up the app didn’t send you to your timeline (this new version apparently does), […]

Core replaced in fickle gods warp drive

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve had a look at some of the dates as I was doing the overhaul and there’s been no major activity for over a year. With this announcement I also hope to end this long lull of nothingness. So fickle gods has undergone some major […] Make-Over has just moved the design version into the third iteration. Graphics have improved with the help of great software from adobe’s CS4 and the underlying coding has been streamlined, cleaned up and made more efficient. One of the first things we’ll notice is the “floating” navigation bar. It’ll stay in your view giving you […]

Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 First Look

This morning Mozilla officially released the first beta for Firefox 3.6. Man! It’s quick! It’s that quicky responsive feeling like you get in chrome. Very nice. After I installed this version of Firefox, the first thing I noticed was ALL my extensions were incompatible. This reminded me how much I actually depend on them- my […]

Cow Getting Extremely Butchered

We get our fair share of junk email at the office, like everybody we’re always eager to find great deals on v!4gr4!!! This time however, we received an email from some nut [you know who you are!] that had 20 or so images of a cow getting butchered. It’s not some amazing or strange thing […]

Bunch of Stupid or Funny Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are usually really annoying, continuously looping, low quality animations- but admittedly there are a few funny ones out there. To save you the trouble, I’ve brought a bunch together for you. I don’t claim ownership over any of these. Nobody can. They have been circulating through forums by the immature and forwarded emails […]